Fanm Deyo ( The Mistress ) Episode 2

Fanm Deyo - The Mistress in episode 2 we find out DJ Fanfan not only had a mistress, but he alos have a secret child from another woman.  You have to watch it to find out what happened to Fanfan.

Fanm Deyo ( The Mistress ) Episode 1

Fanm Deyo - The Mistress tells the story of Joseph Pierre AKA DJ Fanfan, a married man who, by frustration, lack of marital intimacy and an inability of his wife to reproduce, indulges in frivolous affairs with other women.

Laviche: A crisis for the poor in Haiti

Lavichè takes the problems afflicting Haitians in Haiti and juxtaposes them with the multitudes of Haitians detained in Florida immigration jails, thus linking the struggles of all Haitians and showing the role the U.S. government plays in aggravating their circumstances. 

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